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“We teach the mind to think, the hands to work and the heart to love.” This captures the essence of what it means to prepare the whole person for life service.”


Allen University is an academic community which provides students an opportunity to obtain baccalaureate and graduate degrees in liberal arts and professional programs. The University has a strong unalterable commitment to teaching in delivery of its baccalaureate and graduate programs.


Allen University is a Christian Liberal Arts institution whose purpose is to prepare leaders who are skilled in communication, critical thinking, and who demonstrate high moral character. Our aim is to provide an environment of academic excellence in order to heighten our students’ chances of succeeding in a culturally diverse and economically global world. Allen University desires to follow a Total Life Curriculum model, which addresses preparation of the whole person for life service.

We seek to develop the intellect, the spirit, and the body as we bring our students into a climate designed for success. Successful development of each student is our goal. Allen believes that faith plays a major role in developing one’s character. Therefore, our curriculum includes principles and practices of the historical beliefs of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


Allen University’s core values are selected principles that govern our behavior and operation as an organized body:

Integrity: Allen University seeks to practice truth and propriety in our personal and corporate practices and relationships.

Accountability: Allen University accepts its responsibility to be consistent in sound practices, loyal in reference to duties, agreements, obligations and relationships.

Respect: Allen University aspires for its faculty, staff and students to live and work in harmony with peers, by respecting each individual’s right to exist, think and speak in an appropriate manner. The dignity of each one will be honored by all.

Excellence: Allen University is committed to the vigorous pursuit of excellence in our educational endeavors.

Faith: Allen University is a Christian liberal arts institution of higher learning under the auspices of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


Allen University celebrated its centennial year in 1970, thus closing a century of fulfilling its educational mission. The institution, founded in 1870 by former slaves, still provides undergraduate education with an unalterable commitment to teaching, research and community service, undergirded by the faith expressed in the motto of the African Methodist Episcopal Church: “God our Father, Christ our Redeemer, Man our brother.”

Allen University celebrates each year with a renewed commitment to prepare its students to meet the challenges of this century. That commitment is reflected in the University’s attainment and maintenance of accreditation to award the baccalaureate degree by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and its accepted membership in the UNCF (United Negro College Fund). The University remains faithful to the dreams of its founders and to its historic mission and purpose as expressed in its motto, “We teach the mind to think, the hands to work, and the heart to love.”



The productivity of Allen University is reflected in the accomplishments of the graduates of the institution.  Alumni of Allen University have distinguished themselves in almost every field of endeavor. Allen Alumni have a history of forging pathways to greatness in their chosen profession by becoming judges, legislators, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.  In addition, eight graduates of Allen University have become presidents of colleges and universities. This list includes:

Dr. William C. Brown (Barber Scotia College and Fayetteville State University)
Dr. Lewis Dowdy (North Carolina A&T State University)
Dr. Jerome L. Gresham (Barber Scotia College)
Dr. John Middleton (Morris Brown College)
Dr. Iona B. Mishoe (Delaware State College)
Dr. Wardell Nichols (Allen University)
Dr. Sylvia P. Swinton (Allen University)
Dr. Frank R. Veal (Allen University)

Allen University’s leading role in the preparation of clergy for the African Methodist Episcopal Church is reflected in those alumni who have become Bishops of the Church. This list includes:

Harrison James Bryant (Deceased)
Vernon Randolph Byrd (Deceased)
William David Chappelle (Deceased)
Monroe Hortensius Davis (Deceased)
Zedekiah Lazett Grady
Lawrence H. Hemingway (Deceased)
Richard Allen Hildebrand (Deceased)
Frederick Calhoun James
Henry Wendell Murph (Deceased)
George Dewey Robinson (Deceased)
Frederick Hilborn Talbot
David R. Daniels, Jr.

Allen University alumni continue to prove to the world even in the present century that black people can and do produce worthwhile and needed services in the governmental forces of our state and nation. As a result of the type of training offered at Allen University, several alumni have been elected, served and are still serving in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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