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Is WIADAGO for black owned businesses only?
WIADAGO is a directory designed to help consumers find black owned businesses but businesses and organizations of all origins can become allies of the WIADAGO community! WIADA is a champion for marginalized communities and anyone looking to impact those communities positively. Minority owned businesses, non-minority owned businesses, publicly traded companies and franchises are more than welcome to join us on our journey. Tell us more about your organization. If you would like to join our community, follow the link on the map to the right to see if WIADA is right for you!
Why isn't WIADAGO free to list?
3 Reasons

1. WIADAGO isn't a free-to-list directory because we do not want to sell your information to function. We don't want to sell ad space to the highest bidder regardless of their intentions or feelings about our community. We want to control our platform and insure that the people using it are interested in improving our community's economic strength.

2. The black dollar only stays in the black community for about 6-8 hours. We are creating a system of constant circulation. We want to build a community with as little outside interference as possible. We have the power to free ourselves.

3. When people pay, they usually pay attention. We encourage our businesses owners to engage with the community. Read comments and reviews, display upcoming events and use our platform to continue economic growth in our community.
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Can My Company Advertise Across WIADA Platforms?
Yes! We offer advertising packages across all WIADA platforms (Go, Post, Shop and .COM). We want to get your business or organization seen by the entire WIADA community. Follow the link to see how you can be seen by (y)our community.

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