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August 14, 2017wiadagoworkforce0

New Look for WIADAGO


Notice anything different? That’s right, we’ve changed WIADAGO. Don’t worry, this is a change for the better. We can now offer shoppers a better buying experience and business owners a better promotional experience. We’ve been working around the clock to make sure that WIADAGO is your go-to for finding black and minority owned businesses for years to come.

We are proud to serve you and we are honored to share this community with you but the fight is not over. We need your help. Like all young communities, we need everyone’s best effort to help it survive. These are a few ways a little help can go a long way:

  1. Tell your favorite black and minority owned businesses to join WIADAGO! (It’s a great advertising tool for your favorite businesses and it strengthens or community so that we can offer a better shopping and promotional experiences for all!)
  2. Use WIADAGO! (Post comments to your favorite business’s page, visit your favorite WIADAGO businesses on a regular basis and if you are a business owner, register with WIADAGO.)
  3. Donate to black owned WIADAGO businesses with WIADA SUPPORT! (With WIADA SUPPORT you can donate to black owned business with pledges as low as $1. For more information visit WIADA.COM/support.


 Thank you for choosing to be a member of (y)our community. We are WIADA because WIADA.

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Copyright by WIADA LLC. All rights reserved.



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